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How to develop coatings industry in the era of "Internet +"

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Using "Internet" thinking to cultivate innovative consciousness

Compared with the changes in the taxi industry in recent years, the insiders said: "the taxi industry has changed, which is to use the Internet perspective to examine its business model, management model and operation model. We need to think that way, too. In fact, for coating enterprises, the Internet is not important in form, but in Internet thinking. Designers should set up internet thinking in mind, so as not to be eliminated by the times.

At present, the innovative design ability of Chinese coating enterprises is poor. Compared with foreign countries, China's innovative ability is only in their primary stage. Design ability is also poor, many designs need to learn from foreign brands. As the original design is relatively weak, enterprises are more in the price war, which is generally low-end competition. In the future, if the enterprises that won the victory by using the low-end price competition in the early stage continue to use the follow-up transformation untimely and untimely, they will die. Some long-term coating enterprises still rely on Internet thinking to achieve steady expansion. With the change of market, enterprises will correspondingly invest in some R & D and design, use new design materials, quality control, and such enterprises will live longer.

O2o mode becomes the mainstream consumption scenario

With the rapid development of the network, o2o has developed into another way, reverse o2o, that is, offline to online. The main core is to use offline information display channels (including QR code) and various offline promotion activities to guide users online. Later, the reverse transfer from online to offline is possible to promote offline sales. The paint industry also needs this mode to integrate the internal resources of the enterprise and combine the store and decoration more closely. Because the products are experiential, coating product e-commerce is relatively difficult to develop compared with other e-commerce. So Internet e-commerce can develop first, form a closed cycle, and slowly pull in products.

Pay attention to experiential marketing and realize big data resource sharing

Analysts believe that: paint has its own characteristics: it involves a large amount of consumption, there are many after-sales problems, and there is no unified standard. The most important thing is that the experience of paint design is very important, which the Internet cannot provide. Enhance the experience, which is also the future innovation of the paint industry needs special attention.

In the next three to five years, some small enterprises will close down, and the market growth will be slow, but it will not fall sharply. For future innovation, coating enterprises should focus on occupying market share through various innovative marketing methods, such as entertainment marketing, online advertising, the use of new media, opening up the industrial chain, realizing resource sharing, and establishing unique big data. Connect external data to prepare for big data marketing and cloud marketing.

Under the tide of Internet +, every coating enterprise should think about who is your user. What kind of value can you create for users? Create a solid value for users and provide users with the best products, so that enterprises will get economic benefits.

Key:How to develop coatings industry in the era of "Internet +"